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Our Services

For all new clients, we conduct a free Meet & Greet to ensure you and your pets are comfortable with our pet sitters. This meeting is held before any services begin. We are animal lovers at heart, so we like to offer reasonable rates and multiple pet discounts. Contact us at to schedule yours today!

Overnight Pet Sitting

in your home

$65  for the first pet; $10 for each additional dog and $8 for each additional cat. Pet Sitter arrives at NOON on the first day and departs at NOON the last day. (Arriving before noon or departing after noon, will be subject to an hourly charge.) Full days in between are $65 + additional pets, per day.

A pet sitter will sleep overnight at your home with your pets to ensure continuity of your pet's routines and comforts while you are away.

Overnight Pet Sitting is one of our most popular services. To ensure your pet has a reserved spot, book with us as soon as you book your travel plans!

Enrichment Based

Dog Walks

First dog $25 + $10 each additional dog. This plan is flexible and you can always add 30-min intervals to your customized plan. We will take your dog on an excursion while stimulating their brain and nose. We will encourage them to burn off energy while having fun. We’ll even take photos along the way, so you never miss a moment.


Enrichment Based

Dog Hikes

$70 for first dog + $10 each additional dog, 2 hour duration. (Add more time if desired) We love the mountain trails of Western North Carolina and will match your dog with the perfect trail, whether its a gentle, moderate or challenging trail. We like to start off each dog with a nice stroll through the woods with soft ground and several water sources along the way. This will allow our dog hiker to better access your dog's stamina.

Pet Assistance

$15 one-way within Franklin NC limits; $20 roundtrip. 


Use this service when you simply can't be everywhere! GoFetchGo will bring your pet to their vet, grooming or day care appointments.  We can also pick up and deliver your dog's script from their vet. 

We safely and responsibly secure all pets in seat belt restraints or transport kennels.

Pet Sitting Check-Ins

$35 per visit, for first pet; $10 for each additional dog and $8 for each additional cat.  Check-Ins are usually performed once daily, but we can conduct up to 3 Check-Ins a day, $35 per visit. 

Check-Ins typically include outdoor potty/playtime, replenishing of water, feedings, and refreshing of cat litter boxes. Medicine can also be distributed if necessary.

Dog Park Playtime

First dog $25 + $10 for second dog.  We will take your dog to 

the dog park to get exercise and socialization. Dogs are required to be fully vaccinated and licensed, as well as spaded/neutered.

We want your dog to have positive associations with the dog park, which is why the initial park visit will be conducted when the park is quieter to let your dog get used to all the new smells and the park setting. 

We will encourage positive, healthy behavior at all times. Well-mannered play includes bouncy movements, play bows, and taking turns while wrestling. 

Wedding Dog Handler 

The mountains of WNC are popular for year-round outdoor wedding ceremonies. Include your furry friend in your wedding with our help. We eliminate all burdens associated with caring for the pet by allowing the guests at your event to enjoy the festivities, while our trained staff attend to every need, and spoil your pet.  Our Handlers provide complete dog handling and assistance throughout your rehearsal and wedding event, including on-leash exercising, hydrating, and pottying.

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