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Michelle Bordelon Montegut

After retirement I discovered my ideal occupation, pet sitting, and now I am a Certified Professional Pet Sitter!

Life is crazy busy and never dull!


Michelle's Story

I was born and raised in New Orleans, where  in recent years, hurricane evacuations have become more frequent, costly and nerve-racking.  After my retirement from the University of New Orleans,  I had the opportunity to move away from the hurricane zone to the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina --and I gladly took it! It was here in my Franklin mountain cabin, where I made the decision to find a career where I spend the majority of the day outdoors.


After more than a decade of pet sitting in New Orleans, I knew that I found great joy in providing care, exercise and love to the pets in my community. I also felt a great desire to help pet parents. I had lived in Houston, TX  for a brief period and had a very long work commute and it was  in Texas  that I had my first experience with a Doggie Day Care-- and I was smitten! But how could I bring professional pet care to the small towns in Western North Carolina?


As fate would have it, last year I met Jen Lee at the Macon County Dog Park in Franklin. We were both new to small town life but saw a need for professional pet sitting in the immediate area. So in February of 2022, we joined forces and started, GoFetchGo Franklin—and boy has business taken off!


Our primary objective is to provide pet families with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that their pets are being loved and doted on by experienced, reliable and enthusiastic professionals who adore their fur babies, as much as they do! To ensure this, we both studied and received  our Professional Pet Sitting Certifications through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). 

While the work is at times messy, the majority of our days are filled with wagging tails, puppy kisses, and meows! I think I can speak for Jen when I say, its wonderful to end the workday satisfied and fulfilled knowing that we  made the day a little brighter for an animal.  BTW, Jen IS an animal whisperer!

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