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Jennifer Hunter Lee

My name is Jennifer, most people call me Jen. I am a Certified Professional Pet Sitter and proud LLC owner of GoFetchGo Franklin. 


Jen's Story

I’m from Northern California, Bay Area and my gift is taking care of others. Since I was a very young child, my family always had dogs and cats; so no surprise that caring for animals is a huge part of my life. My husband and I decided to move to a less hectic area of the country, so we moved across from the crowded West Coast to the charming small town of Franklin, North Carolina.  And we love it! This is my first home where I can really enjoy all four seasons! 


In California, I worked in an Adult Day Program hanging out with some really wonderful people. But when I moved to the Smoky Mountains, I found that all I really wanted was to be outside hiking and exploring, unfortunately I didn't really have any specific career paths in mind --until I volunteered at Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary. Working there, I realized that being with animals made me the happiest-- and I met many wonderful people. But I had bills to pay and continued my work caring for people with developmental disabilities.

As fate would have it, I rescued yet another dog, Luna and on my days off went to Macon County Dog Park in Franklin.  At the Dog Park, I met some great dogs and some great dog owners! Luna and I have had so much fun at the park and exploring Franklin and beyond. I met Michelle, another Dog Park pet lover/owner and we decided to join forces and create an enrichment-based professional pet sitting service--GoFetchGo Franklin.  


I am the caretaker and Michelle is definitely the detailed oriented person, we work really well together. GoFetchGo Franklin is our labor of love and we both give 100% of our hearts, experience and professionalism to the dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats, donkeys, etc of Franklin and its surrounding towns.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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